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To The Staff of Elora Gorge Karate
Thank you for spending 3 days at Salem Public School, sharing your love of Karate. We appreciate your time & effort.

Staff & Students

(April 2013)


Elora Gorge Karate Dojo,
Thank you so much for supporting the ELora Co-Op Pre-School spaghetti supper & silent auction this year!
The Karate lessons you donated really helped us reach our fundraising goals this year!

Best Regards from your
friends at the school ☺

(March 2013)


APR 10-11-12/2012

Thank you for coming to our school.
I liked the punch of the wood. I liked being tricked to blog block. I liked funny Bill. I liked the instructors. I liked learning the kicks.


Six years ago when my son expressed interest in Karate I researched all the local dojo’s for the right fit. We ended up selecting the Gorge Karate Dojo and Sensei Bill Stimpson…boy, what a great decision that was!

In six years, Michael’s interest in Karate has never waned and his aspirations continue to grow. Without question this is as a result of Sensei Bill’s genuine interest in his students (both in and outside the dojo) and the exceptional quality of instruction they receive.

Currently 13 years old and at the brown belt level I am very proud of Michael’s accomplishments. I will continue to support him on his journey to black and beyond.

Although my son is the student, I have learned things as well. I have learned that belonging to the right institution is elemental to success, that people help each other when needed and that here everyone is welcome, everyone belongs and everyone is family. No wonder Michael calls the dojo “my second home”.

For anyone considering training in traditional Okinawan Karate I highly recommend Sensei Bill Stimpson and Gorge Karate.

With the greatest of gratitude

Maureen Corbett

(Feb 2012)


Thank you for time tonight – it was greatly appreciated!
From 1st Elora Beavers

(Jan 2012)

 Nov 28, 2011

Dear Sensei Bill,

Thank you for teaching us karate. We appreciate you giving your time to give us lessons. We enjoyed learning to punch, block, kick and speak Japanese. We liked watching the demonstrations, especially with the weapons. We enjoyed when you joked around wiht us. We had an extraordinary time and would love to learn more!

Grades 2 and 3 from Elora P.S


Sensei Bill,

Domo Arigato! We appreciate the time you have taken to teach our classes karate. We enjoy sharing this experience with our students. You make each lesson fun, informative and practical.


Jodi Lawson & Janet Stelter

(January 2011)