Dojo Reigi

Reigisaho is the Japanese word for Etiquette, Manner or Conduct. The Dojo is a sacred place where we train ourselves physically and mentally. All students should respect the Dojo and observe the following Reigisaho:

  1. Address the Chief Instructor as Sensei (teacher) and Assistant Instructor(s) as Sempai. Pay respect to the Sensei or Sempai when given a direction by acknowledging with a bow and moving smartly, neatly and quickly to the direction.
  2. Before entering the dojo, no food or gum, remove outer clothing, footwear and no jewellery (earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, rings etc). After taking off your shoes at the entrance, place them neatly in order. If you find shoes in disorder, place them in order. The Dojo is YOUR sacred place to train; help keep it clean and treat it with respect.
  3. Before entering or exiting the Dojo, show respect by bowing facing inward to the Dojo shrine.
  4. Always show up to class early, be prompt, changed and ready to train 15 minutes prior to the start of class.
  5. All students should behave as Ladies and Gentlemen at all times both inside and out of the Dojo.
  6. No sparring or using equipment without express permission of the Sensei.
  7. Personal cleanliness is essential; please keep your finger and toe nails short to prevent injury to other students when training together. Hands and feet should be clean and hair must not interfere with your training.
  8. Always keep your uniforms clean and tidy. Should your uniform become undone, it is proper Reigi to turn away from the shrine and Sensei or Sempai, and fix it.
  9. Once in the dojo and training, listen carefully and seriously to the advice and instructions given to you by the Sensei or Sempai.
  10. Higher belts will aid lower belts and lower belts will follow the instructions of higher belts.
  11. Remember when training in the Dojo; no hands on hips, no hands or arms crossed in front of your chest and no leaning on the walls. Always stand at the ready position.
  12. Do not forget to thank your training partners (Arigato Gozaimusta) along with those who give you advice on Karate.
  13. In Martial Arts your word is your bond. Your integrity and being a good person is as important as your training, do not break your word and always be a good person.
  14. DO NOT criticize other Martial Arts or Martial Artists.
  15. If you are injured, please report it to Sensei before class. Should you become injured during class please report it to Sensei or Sempai immediately.
  16. If you have a question in class please raise your hands.
  17. If you need to go to the washroom or leave the Dojo for any reason do not just walk out. You must get permission from Sensei or Sempai before leaving.
  18. Everyone is expected to work hard, do their best. Do not use the words, “I can’t”. Always have a positive attitude, Endure and have fun.
  19. Provoking violence in the Dojo or in the community will result in suspension or expulsion from our Dojo.

Reigi Jan 2012