Gi and Obi

Your Gi is your karate uniform, at the Elora Gorge Karate Dojo we wear only pure White Gis. Your Obi is you belt, it is a symbol of your karate knowledge and journey, you should not wash your Obi, or you will be washing away your experience.

How to Put on your Gi

  1. Put on your Gi top like you would a jacket.
  2. Ensure your right side flap is folded towards your left side first and tie the strings that are attached together.
  3. Then fold your left side flap to your right side tying the strings together.
  4. The end result is that your left side flap should be on the outside.


How to tie your Obi

  1. Your Belt is called an “Obi”.
  2. The ends of your belt are called the “tangs”.
  3. Your Karate uniform is called a “Gi”.
  4. Getting started, there is a top and bottom to your belt. Hold if flat up and down and the side without the seam is the bottom of the belt, ensure the smooth side of the belt is on top.
  5. Find the end of your belt and there will be a tag, fold the belt exactly in half with the tag starting on your left side of your body.
  6. Place the middle of your belt over your belly button, and wrap the belt around your waist, sliding the side on your right underneath the left side as it comes around so that it is on top of each other.
  7. Switch your grip by sliding what was on the left side over top of the right side around to the front.
  8. Holding both ends of the belt, the end with the tag should be on your right side now.
  9. As the ends of your belt come to the front the right side should be the side with the “tag” fold it on top of the other end making an “X”.
  10. Now your right side (with the tag on the belt) fold it underneath both the layers of your belt with one end sticking upwards towards your heart and the other end facing downwards towards the floor. Pull the ends of the belt sideways.
  11. Now with the side you just folded with the tag on the belt hold it with your left hand and place it overtop of the right side making an “X” and then under. Your belt should sit just above your hips.


Notes: remember this  saying “right over left and under both belts, Left over right under one belt”. The ends of your belt should be  equal length. Your tag on your belt should now be on the right side of your  body, on the same side as your “gi” label. The “mouth” on your knot should be  on the left side of your body, signifying that your heart is always open to  learning.